Living a healthy life is becoming a challenge these days. We witness lots of people suffering from one or the other form of ailments which affect their well being. Illness is not certainly of a definite kind; but there are various kinds of diseases ranging from simple to complex, from curable to incurable as well. Cancer or carcinoma is a disease which is becoming common in the recent past. Various types of cancers exist, which originate from different parts of the body like skin, brain, lungs, blood etc; breast cancer is one of them. Recently, breast cancer is gaining a lot of focus as it is commonly affecting mostly women but also men. Breast cancer originates from the breast tissue due to uncontrolled growth of cells. It develops from the inner lining of milk ducts or from the lobules that supply the ducts with milk. The causes include aging, lack of breast feeding, higher hormone levels, obesity, smoking, alcohol, radiations and genetic mutations.

In the NYC Breast Cancer is taking the lives of nearly 1260 women each year. Therefore regular mammographs are recommended that could save lives by identifying and treating cancer at earlier stages. The formation of lump which thickens unusually changing the breast shape and size, lumps in arm pits, the nipple becoming inverted or changed in size and shape, skin dimpling, clear or bloody fluid discharge from the nipples, pain, itching, redness, which a woman can feel by self examination, are the foremost visible symptoms. Mammograms also help in the early detection of cancer.

After diagnosis, cancer can be treated in different ways which include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy etc. Alongside, a regular visit to gynecologists is useful, as they conduct an overall examination and recommend undergoing a yearly Pap test which includes clinical breast examination and mammograms for women of 40+. There are many gynecologists NYC who provide holistic healthcare, along with a warm and friendly atmosphere that benefits the patients. Chemotherapy procedure uses drugs or combination of drugs either prior to or after surgery, or as an option instead of surgery. It stops the growth or replication of cancerous cells by causing DNA damage on the process of replication and reduces pain. Cancer might turn life upside down. But a precautious approach could improve the lives of people confronted with the risk of this disease.